Compare Electricity Rates in Illinois; Switching from ComEd

Nicholas Apostal

Recently, with the housing slump taking a bite out of my finances, I decided to explore ways to trim some costs out of my monthly budget. After receiving several notices in the mail from new electric providers I decided a review of my electric bill was a great place to start. Mom knows best. I started by asking my mother, Edie Apostal, as well as my friends, about what they had heard. I was then directed to the Citizen’s Utility Board for some straight facts. Another great resource is the Illinois Commerce Commission who set up a website at: http://www.pluginillinois.org to provide detailed info about specific plans from each new service provider.

Once I’d determined that everything was on the level, I sought advice from my friends on Facebook who switched energy providers from ComEd. The overwhelming recommendation was to use Power2Switch. The website was simple and easy to use. I entered my zip code on Power2Switch.com and the site displayed the available providers for the area and compared plan details side-by-side. I then entered my billing info. The website offered me options to buy electricity from partial or completely renewable sources as well as traditional methods. Since my motivation was for maximum savings I chose a plan for traditional generation methods that averages more than an 18% savings over my previous bill. My electrical delivery is still serviced by ComEd and the account number remains the same, but now my provider is BlueStar Energy. What made it more real for me and made me completely comfortable about switching in the end is that the BlueStar office headquarters is located a couple blocks away from my apartment in River North. It’s just nice to know where they’re based.

It took about three months total to get everything up to speed. I had to wait for the first complete billing cycle to commence then missed the first bill that was e-mailed, no longer will I be receiving paper bills in the mail. Now that everything is straightened out I am saving an average of $20-$30 dollars off of my electric bills with no alteration in service whatsoever.  It was an easy process that I recommend everyone look into. I’ve even got the rest of my team at The Apostal Group at Coldwell Banker recommending the switch to our home buyers and sellers.

Next up, what can I do about my home phone service???