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This image is an excerpt of a timelapse series taken between 9am on June 30, 2011, and 9am on July 1, 2011.

Incredible photos of Chicago lightning storm and rainbow

This week, Chicago has seen some wild weather. On Wednesday evening a little after the height of rush hour, a violent thunderstorm swept through the area, producing some intensely colored …

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Whitney North Pond

North Pond of Lincoln Park getting revamped

Lincoln Park's North Pond and adjacent land will get a refresh in the coming months.

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Paul Cascade drive in

Chicago Magazine releases 2016 Best of Chicago list

Looking for the best of the best? We've got our favorite highlights of the Best of Chicago list.

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Eataly Jason Rala

Chicago food tour: Is the Loop becoming a foodie haven?

Once a sad geography of run-of-the-mill quick lunch spots and chain restaurants, the Loop is coming into its own as a food destination.

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drone video still

Chicago drone video captures beautiful summer in the city

Live summer vicariously at your desk with this beautiful new Chicago drone video.

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Marlin Keesler Yoga in the Park

Summer activities: Find a Chicago outdoor workout this summer

Looking for a way to enjoy the beautiful weather and feel great at the same time? Try a Chicago outdoor workout -- many of them are free!

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Jay Kleeman Children's Memorial

Big changes coming soon to Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park

The redevelopment of the former Children's Memorial Hospital site is just the beginning for this trendy corner of Lincoln Park.

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Laurie Chipps West Fest

Plan your summer: Chicago Summer Festival schedule

What's your favorite Chicago Summer festival? We've got a list of them to help you plan your summer.

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62 acre dev site

Redevelopment of 62-acre site south of the South Loop could be imminent

Related Midwest has recently taken part ownership of the massive parcel of undeveloped land south of the South Loop.

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