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David Hilowitz Ukrainian Village

Ukrainian Village named hottest neighborhood in the US

We told you last week about Zillow’s neighborhood ratings and the hottest neighborhoods in Chicago by home price increase (the West Loop topped that list.) But today a new report …

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Teemu008 bungalow

Mayor announces home buyer assistance program

This week the mayor announced a new home buyer assistance program intended to better help low and middle-income families afford a new home.

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leyla a new construction

Chicago real estate trends: Lakeview teardowns

Chicago real estate trends are leading to more teardowns and new single-family homes in Lakeview.

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Alan Light south loop

Zillow releases list of hottest Chicago neighborhoods

Where will home prices increase the most in 2016? Zillow predicts the hottest Chicago neighborhoods in the coming year.

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Real estate trends: Single female home buyers

Traditionally, single female home buyers are second only to married couples in rate of home buying.

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Payton Chung Trader Joes

Where to buy: Surprising factors affecting home prices

You know that number of bedrooms and bathrooms can greatly affect home prices, but what about subtler things like gas prices?

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Roman Boed Gold Coast

Chicago housing market report indicates a seller’s market

The latest data from the Chicago housing market report indicates that the luxury market is strong and it's a seller's market.

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Tony Webster Mortgages

New lending rules: How TRID affects homebuyers

New mortgage lending laws go into effect this week. You know TRID affects homebuyers, but how can you best prepare?

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Michael Daddino fed reserve

Housing market looking good after interest rate news

The Fed didn't raise the interest rate yesterday. What does it mean for the housing market?

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