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Roman Boed Gold Coast (2)

Co-op versus condo: A primer

One of the real estate questions that we field frequently when people are looking at spaces in the city is: What’s the difference between a co-op and a condo? Luckily, …

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Frame Houses Wrigleyville

Average US home prices rise above 2007 levels

The housing market continues its very solid recovery; average US home prices are up to nearly pre-Recession levels.

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Laurie Chipps torn down house

Foreclosures and short sales: The inside scoop

There are a host of things to know before diving into the world of foreclosures and short sales. We're here to help.

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Taylor and Justin

Tips for becoming an owner occupied investor: An interview with our clients Taylor and Justin

Clients Taylor and Justin talk about their experience buying and rehabbing an owner occupied investment property in Bridgeport.

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Tony Webster El tracks

Chicago real estate dilemma: To live next to the El or not?

Proximity to the El tracks does affect Chicago real estate. But what is it really like to live next to the train?

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Ian Freimuth Lincoln Park

Latest Cook County housing prices released

Cook County housing prices are mostly up over a 15-year period, which is great news! But which neighborhoods are up the most?

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abbott mansion steve browne

Luxury real estate market snapshot for spring 2015

It's a strong market for luxury real estate -- here are the latest findings from the Coldwell Banker Previews International team.

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Vincent Lock gas pump

Guest post: Market check-in for the first quarter of 2015

The first quarter of 2015 has been full of market movement. Guest blogger Dave Isaaacson breaks it down for us.

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BasicGov Foreclosure

Quirk in foreclosure laws opens market to new buyers

As the statue of limitations begins to run out on foreclosure, the market could begin to see a flood of new activity.

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