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Whitney North Pond

North Pond of Lincoln Park getting revamped

Lincoln Park remains a highly popular area with tourists and local alike, especially in the summer months. Lincoln Park’s South Pond has undergone some popular improvements in recent years, including …

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Paul Cascade drive in

Chicago Magazine releases 2016 Best of Chicago list

Looking for the best of the best? We've got our favorite highlights of the Best of Chicago list.

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Eataly Jason Rala

Chicago food tour: Is the Loop becoming a foodie haven?

Once a sad geography of run-of-the-mill quick lunch spots and chain restaurants, the Loop is coming into its own as a food destination.

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Rob Jones Quincy station

CTA news: Look for a renovated and updated Quincy L station

The beautifully old-fashioned Quincy L station will get a renovation in the coming year, according to the CTA.

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David Wilson Lathrop Homes

Development news: Chicago’s Pivot to the River

What's new in development news? A lot of projects are focusing on the potential of the Chicago River.

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Marlin Keesler Yoga in the Park

Summer activities: Find a Chicago outdoor workout this summer

Looking for a way to enjoy the beautiful weather and feel great at the same time? Try a Chicago outdoor workout -- many of them are free!

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Laurie Chipps West Fest

Plan your summer: Chicago Summer Festival schedule

What's your favorite Chicago Summer festival? We've got a list of them to help you plan your summer.

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Sexy car

Updates to Chicago City Sticker rules to take effect in June

Don't forget to renew your Chicago City Sticker before it expires or you could face fines of $200 per day!

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Ddohler Millennium Park

Millennium Park summer movie series schedule

This year's Millennium Park summer movie series includes some Chicago-centric classics and a tribute to Prince.

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