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sergio and banks gold coast mansion

Historic Gold Coast mansion lists for just under $5.5M

Chicago’s Gold Coast is full of amazing historic mansions built from the 1880s to the 1920s, many of which are still standing and have been extensively renovated and updated throughout …

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Vince Vaughn condo

Vince Vaughn’s Palmolive building condo lists for $13.9M

Lake Forest native Vince Vaughn wants to sell his amazing Palmolive Building condo. Look at these pictures!

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Roman Boed Gold Coast

Which Chicago neighborhoods had the most sales in 2014?

We love these top-selling Chicago neighborhoods!

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woodleywonderworks mortgage rates

Mortgage rates come down again. Is it time to buy or refi?

Mortgage rates have dipped even lower, making right now the perfect time to buy or refinance your home.

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Mike Bowler Sr Coldwell Banker

Housing market outlook optimism for 2015

Experts mostly agree that the current housing market outlook is optimistic, though they're keeping an eye on several key developments.

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Rubbermaid Products 1

2015 New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

These New Year's resolutions for homeowners will do more than improve your life -- they will also save you money!

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Million Dollar Milestone

The Year at Coldwell Banker: Million Dollar milestone reached

This year, Coldwell Banker met its Million Dollar Milestone goal and we were honored to participate!

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Orchard house

Why are Lincoln Park mansions the best in the city?

A mix of friendly zoning regulations make this two-block stretch of Lincoln Park one of the most desirable in the city.

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William Creswell investment advice

Guest post: fourth quarter investment advice

We reached out to our friends at Wells Fargo Advisors to get the latest and best investment advice in the current market!

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