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Frame Houses Wrigleyville

Niko’s 2016 housing market update

The following piece ran in our spring newsletter (which should have arrived this week!). In case you missed it, here’s what our principal broker Niko has to say about the …

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Ken Lund residential high rise

Legislation would improve condo owners’ rights

Currently, owners have little recourse against non-responsive condo associations. Proposed legislation would improve condo owners' rights.

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David Wilson Lathrop Homes

Major Lathrop Homes redevelopment approved

Depression-era public housing Lathrop Homes to become 1,100 mixed-income residential units and 50,000 sq. ft. of retail space.

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LincolnSquareInsider ravenswood manor home

Expert opinion: Why Now Is the Time to Buy

We sat down with Mortgage Planner extraordinaire Aaron Wise to discuss why it's definitely the right time to buy real estate.

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Daniel X Oneil chicago condo

Cook County residents can get homeowners’ tax exemption

Are you taking advantage of the homeowners' tax exemption available to you?

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Mike Warot Cedar Hotel

Luxury Viceroy Hotel coming to the Gold Coast

The latest addition to the tony Gold Coast hotel scene will be the Viceroy Hotel on the site of the old Cedar Hotel.

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David Hilowitz Ukrainian Village

Ukrainian Village named hottest neighborhood in the US

Another week, another Chicago neighborhood getting national accolades. Have you thought about Ukrainian Village lately?

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Teemu008 bungalow

Mayor announces home buyer assistance program

This week the mayor announced a new home buyer assistance program intended to better help low and middle-income families afford a new home.

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IAR data 4

Housing Market report: 2015 in Illinois

2015 was a strong year for the housing market, according to the Illinois Association of Realtors' annual report.

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